Hyundai Tucson Maintenance Schedule in Milford CT

Hyundai Tucson Maintenance Schedule in Milford CT

Safe, sporty, and reliable, your Hyundai Tucson is engineered to supply years of happy drives around Milford, Fairfield, and New Haven, CT. To help keep you rolling with fewer hiccups, the service team at Key Hyundai of Milford created this easy-to-follow Hyundai Tucson maintenance schedule.

Whether you’re a high-mileage driver or a weekend cruiser, keeping up with routine maintenance is the key to long-lasting quality. Check out our guide below before scheduling your next online appointment:

Hyundai Tucson Maintenance Schedule Milford CT

Hyundai Tucson Maintenance: Every 7,500 Miles

Each year, the typical Tucson driver adds 10,000 to 16,000 miles to their odometer. This means you should plan to visit our service center at least every 4 to 6 months.

To keep things simple, we recommend memorizing this acronym: B.O.T. It stands for Brakes, Oil, and Tires. Pay close attention to these three areas, and you can anticipate many years of safe drives.

Your brakes are the single most important safety device on your Tucson. That’s why it’s important to regularly inspect the brake pads, discs, and rotors for continual signs of wear.

Every 7,500 miles, you should also plan to replace your engine’s oil and filter. Not only will this help keep your engine clean, but it also goes a long way towards maintaining your SUV’s fuel efficiency and horsepower.

Finally, have our technicians rotate and inspect each of your four tires. Rotating your tires every 7,500 miles allows them to evenly wear down. It also provides our technicians the opportunity to inspect for any cracks, bulges, or significant tread wear.  

Hyundai Tucson Maintenance Schedule Milford CT

Hyundai Tucson Maintenance: Every 15,000 Miles

At least once a year, it’s a smart idea to peek inside your Tucson’s inner workings. Rough roads, heavy snow, and heavy mileage all put stress on your SUV. Your annual inspection will often be enough to cover these areas, but it never hurts to ask in the interim.

A few things you’ll want to inspect or replace every 15,000 miles include:

  • Driveshafts and boots
  • Suspension mounting bolts
  • Fuel filter, vapor hose, and filler cap
  • Fuel tank air filter
  • Parking brake

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Hyundai Tucson Maintenance: Every 30,000 Miles

As you tack more miles onto the odometer, your Hyundai Tucson will start requiring more advanced auto care. At this stage, your brake pads and discs might need to be replaced. This shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise if you kept up with your appointments.

If you frequently tow or carry heavy loads, ask our service pros to check your transmission fluid. Healthy fluid should be pinkish in color and odorless. If it’s turned brown or emits a burnt smell, our technicians will recommend a flush.

To keep your engine peppy, replace the spark plugs and take a closer look at your Tucson’s fan belt and engine air filter. Most likely, your cabin filter will also be due for a replacement.


Hyundai Tucson Maintenance: Every 60,000 Miles

Winters along the Long Island Sound can often take a toll on your Tucson’s battery. Once you reach the 60K mark, it’s a smart idea to have its strength tested. This will help reduce the risk of being stranded due to a dead battery.

Finding it takes more effort to turn a corner? Your power steering fluid might also need a top off. Same goes for your cabin’s coolant and HVAC system.

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Whether your Hyundai Tucson has a rock-solid service history, or it’s been a while since its last checkup, the service team at Key Hyundai of Milford is ready to help.

Stop by our service center near Milford, Fairfield, and New Haven or contact us online today!

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