Hyundai Sonata Maintenance Schedule in Milford, CT

Hyundai Sonata Maintenance Schedule in Milford, CT

For those Milford, Fairfield, and New Haven drivers looking to get the most from their Hyundai Sonata, the team at Key Hyundai of Milford Service Center is here to lend a hand.

With sporty looks and easy-to-drive capabilities, the Sonata excels at turning each day into something special.  To make sure you never miss a moment, check out our Hyundai Sonata maintenance schedule.

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The Importance of Using a Maintenance Schedule

The first and perhaps best reason to adopt our Hyundai Sonata maintenance schedule is that you’ll get to enjoy a high-performing sedan for many years. The second is the peace of mind knowing your Sonata is being regularly cared for by our team of Hyundai technicians.

Keeping up with maintenance also helps catch small issues from transforming into bigger ones. To make things as easy as possible, our pros break your maintenance needs down by the odometer mark:

Hyundai Sonata Maintenance Schedule Milford, CT

Hyundai Sonata Maintenance Every 8,000 miles

Between 5,000 -8,000 miles, it’s important to change motor oil and filter. A clean engine is able to accelerate without issue and uses less fuel trip-to-trip. Clean motor oil also helps keep your engine’s internal system clear of dangerous particles which can prematurely wear down parts.

Every 8,000 miles or so you should ask our techs to inspect and rotate your tires. This helps them evenly wear down and improves steering and braking power. At least once per month, you should inspect each tire for any signs of cracks or serious tread wear.

Speaking of braking power, our technicians will also take a close look at your brake pads, discs, and rotors to help guarantee a safe ride each time you pull out of the driveway.

Hyundai Sonata Maintenance Schedule Milford, CT

Hyundai Sonata Maintenance Every 16,000 Miles

To help keep your cabin free of allergens and other hazardous particles, replace your climate control air filter. You might also want our techs to peek inside your Sonata’s engine air filter to keep the oxygen flowing clear and free.

Hyundai Sonata Maintenance: Every 32,000 Miles

Once your Hyundai Sonata surpasses the 30K mark, it’ll be time to pay closer attention to its brake pads. Depending on your driving habits and local conditions, your brake pads will start to wear down making it harder to come to quick stop.  

If you start to notice any loud squeaking, that’s a sign your brake pads have reached their end point. Schedule a service appointment to have them replaced at your convenience.. Additional areas you’ll want to inspect include your transmission fluid, the spark plugs, and your tires.

Hyundai Sonata Maintenance: Every 60,000 Miles

Cold New England winters can prove tough on your Sonata’s battery. Once you hit 60,000 miles, make it a point to have your battery system checked. The last thing you want is find yourself stuck with a dead battery on a snowy day.

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At Key Hyundai of Milford, we’re dedicated to keeping our neighbors throughout Milford, Fairfield, and New Haven safe and happy.  So, contact us or stop by our state-of-the-art service center or make an online appointment to create a maintenance schedule today!

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