Brake Service near Vernon CT

Brake Service near Vernon CT

Do you feel like your vehicle's brakes don’t respond as well as they used to? Then, schedule brake service near Vernon, CT. Regular checkups can help ensure that your vehicle's brakes continue to function properly.

Understanding the signs that indicate that you need the brakes fixed is vital. Key Hyundai of Milford has provided this quick rundown, so you can stay safe.  

Vehicle Brakes

How Long Will My Brakes Last?

Write down 25,000 miles and then add a note that reminds you to get your car's brakes examined at this milestone. While manufacturers suggest 50,000 miles is when the brakes need a tune-up, it’s helpful to stay ahead with these lifesaving components.

Along with other routine services, add brakes to your appointment around that milestone. Our service staff will check them out, measure the brake pads, and see if they need updating. If they think the brake pads need a refresh, they’ll let you know.

Worn out Brake Pad

Why Do My Brake Pads Wear Out?

Brake pads protect the rotors that slow your vehicle down when you’re driving. How you drive and where you drive impacts the brakes differently. Let’s talk about what factors may wear them down.

If you often find yourself driving in stop-and-go traffic on I-84, you’re pressing on and off the brakes. This constant action can make them deteriorate faster than if you gently apply the brakes every so often. If you tend to speed and then abruptly step on the brakes, this wears them out as well.

For those who live in the hilly areas around Mountain Street, you may be using your brakes more often too. To safely descend a hill, you’re probably pressing down on the brake pedal regularly—or at least using the brakes more frequently.

Even if you’re a motorist who meanders on remote country roads or rarely speeds, it’s still best to have the brake pads checked at the proper intervals.

Foot Pressing Brakes

Which Signs Tell Me I Need Brake Service?

Learn the signs that indicate that you need brake service and you won’t feel out of control. You’ll be prepared to take action and schedule an appointment.

Although you may spot the brake warning light turning on, other earlier signs can let you know that it’s time for brake service. For instance, if you apply the brakes and hear them squeal, your brake pads may be wearing down. This is a good time to schedule an appointment for our service techs to measure them and see what’s up.

If the brakes grind when you use them, the brake pads may be at their breaking point. Make an appointment and a service tech will replace the brake pads with a new set.

When you press on the brake pedal, do you fail to get a response? Then, come in to see what’s going on. If you apply the brakes and the pedal vibrates, it could be that the rotors are warped.

Any of these brake issues can be fixed by our experienced techs, who will also watch out for any other hot spots.

Schedule Brake Service near Vernon CT

If your vehicle's brakes do not respond as well as they used to, schedule brake service near Vernon, Connecticut. We will diagnose the issue, let you know how we can resolve it, and then efficiently get to work on your car.

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